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My name is Duino and I am the founder of Modern Times Investors, an independent investing blog with a long-term orientation.

On this website you can find practical and actionable information to figure out how to invest successfully in this fast-moving world and compound your wealth over time.

Managing money is a critical life skill and investing is essential to achieve long-term financial goals like retirement, financial freedom and wealth creation.

Anyone can be a successful investor.

Learning, exploring and being curious are the foundation of this journey while the application of what you progressively learn is the real game changer that gets you results. 

Let Me Tell You A Story

I am an ordinary guy and since I was a student, I have been interested in the world of investments and like many people, I was so inspired by the examples of great long-term investors and fund managers that consistently showed amazing performance on financial markets.

As I started to learn and figuring out ways to invest successfully, I truly realized that solid personal finances and well managed long-term investments constitute one of the building blocks of a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Taking advantage of the fact that today is so easy to access information, I made up my mind that I would start to gather all the pieces of the puzzle in order to learn and grow my financial intelligence as a way to achieve my financial and life goals, create wealth and generate abundance of money.

I was so interested and eager to learn that I started to read all the blog articles I could find, see all the interviews, read a ton of books while trying to put order into all the stuff that I was learning.

Guess what happened? This is exactly how I felt like:


Everything is so interesting, there is so much information around investing and almost everyone (literally) talks about it. 

I was taking miles of notes and I really wanted to move on, to learn more and act in order to get results.

However, despite my motivation and my degree in economics, I found myself exposed to all the information I could possibly have while not making any actual progress.

I often had that feeling of being stuck, when you are never 100% sure what to do and it feels like there is always something more to know, another post to read, another video to watch… 

Can you relate to that?

Things started to change when I understood that I didn’t really need all that. (What?!)

The single most important thing I learned by studying great investors, reading lots of books and understanding the strategies of many successful individual investors is to do your research and eliminate all the noise.

And most of the information I was exposing myself to was noise. 

The turning point was when I realized that I had to focus only on what is relevant and actionable.


This can be applied pretty much to everything in life and is so easy and obvious that seems kind of ludicrous. Yet it is a game changer.

Why Modern Times Investors

There is a number of ways to invest successfully and use financial markets to your advantage, yet the average investor doesn’t even beat the inflation. Why?

Although we can write reams about the multiple reasons why this happens, I think the main reason for this poor performance comes down to the following behaviors:

  • Being short-sighted – many investors, along with financial news, are extremely short-sighted, they get caught up by the hot topics and their main focus is only what’s going to happen over the next quarter or year
  • No investment strategy – it happens that investors don’t know what they are doing and why, they don’t give themselves rules to follow (or they don’t follow them, which is exactly the same)
  • Emotional reaction – without a strategy and with poor knowledge, they react emotionally to financial markets movements, systematically doing the worst thing possible at the worst time possible.

It goes without saying that lack of perspective and short-term focus don’t lead to long-term profits.

Long-term investing in financial markets offers a unique opportunity to create wealth. There are several ways in which you can invest wisely. 

Becoming a successful long-term investor is a well beaten path and everyone can do that.

Working on your investing mindset and giving yourself a strategy so that you know in advance what to do and why gives you an edge that the average investor may never have.

Investing is risky only if you don’t know what you are doing.

You don’ actually need a mountain of information. As a matter of fact, no one can ever learn how to actually do anything just by reading about it. It is necessary to go out and play the game.


This journey of focus on relevant and actionable knowledge coupled with a fair amount of testing allowed me to radically transform and rethink my perception of investing, businesses, financial markets and the economy.

Investing is a lifetime learning process, don’t expect to understand everything and build the ultimate portfolio overnight.

Personal finance and money are an area of your life, whether you care about it or not. The majority of people spend their entire life working for money but only a really small portion of them invest some time to learn about how money, finance and investments work.

Investing is essential to achieve your financial goals, whether they are retirement, financial freedom, other specific goals or building wealth. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate all of your time to study and learn about it (unless you really like it). You don’t need to be Warren Buffett to invest successfully. 

You can apply different strategies depending on the time you have and still be very successful. Keep in mind that your approach and mindset are the #1 factor when it comes to your investing returns.

As things started to get clearer, I decided to create Modern Times Investors as a way to share what I am learning along my investing journey and provide a source of relevant and actionable information to extend you knowledge on investing and economics.

If you give yourself some rules to follow and understand what you are doing and why, you can literally take control of your own money and successfully grow your investments, only time knows what amazing results you will reach.

The internet is noisy and a whole lot of the stuff out there is just not relevant to achieve your goals.

With Modern Times Investors I honestly hope to save you a bunch of time and effort by providing a shortcut of true value and actionable information.

Bookmark moderntimesinvestors.com and come back every now and then, when you have time, when you want to learn something or just read some articles away from financial noise.

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Take Control of Your Investments!

Don’t waste your time, avoid information overload and start immediately to work on your investment strategy to reach your financial goals.

Take Control of Your Investments!

Don’t waste your time, avoid information overload and start immediately to work on your investment strategy to reach your financial goals.

PDF Cover Smart Investor Cheatsheet
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Don’t waste your time, avoid information overload and start immediately to work on your investment strategy to reach your financial goals.