If you are interested in investing for the long-term, compound your wealth over time and get a sense of what’s going on in today’s economy, then you definitely have come to the right place. 

Modern Times Investors is website where you can find lots of actionable resources and analysis to learn and extend your knowledge on investing, economics and technology.

The world is changing extremely fast, creating both risks and opportunities. If you want to successfully invest for the long-term, your investing approach has to evolve.

That’s the purpose of Modern Times Investors, to analyse and gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the economy and look for ways to invest in this ever-changing scenario.

About me


My name is Duino Schiappapietra and I am the author of Modern Times Investors. 

After graduating in economics and finance, I soon decided that I wanted to go beyond formal education in order gain a real understanding of investing.

With this website I want to extend and share my knowledge on the subject and explore the developments of technological progress and the incredible transformation that we are living today.

I have a long-term orientation and I am passionate about economics and investments. 
I firmly believe that by focusing on the business and understanding economic cycles is possible to grow wealth over time and take advantage of financial markets irrationality.

When I started out I had to find the answer to the following basic question:

Where do I start? 

This website wants to provide an answer.

The world is full of risks and opportunities, I’m going to discuss both and I’d like to share my thoughts with you in order to grow together and improve our knowledge of those fascinating fields.

Why Modern Times Investors?

Modern Times Investors is an independent investing blog with a long-term orientation. The articles that you read are aimed to give you the tools to gain a deeper understanding of investing, economics and technology in order to improve the quality and the results of your investments.

This website is NOT about blindly investing in index funds and ETFs. Your wealth is too important to be invested in a pool of stocks put together with questionable criteria.

If you focus on the average, you will get average results. And I am fairly safe to say that nobody wants to be average. 

Modern Times Investors is dedicated to those that seriously want to improve their investing process and achieve results, that want to learn, that are willing to put in some effort and educate themselves financially.

“The single greatest edge an investor can have is a long-term orientation.”
– Seth Klarman

If you want to be an investor, you must learn to analyze risks and then compare them with the rewards.

Focusing on risk first really pays off in the long-run, it protects from markets exuberance and helps to navigate through economic cycles.

Acknowledge This

The financial industry does not exist because it enriches clients and very few individual investors know anything about how to value a security, this is why the average small investor tends to have a very poor performance.

Financial markets are generally short sighted, what analysts and financial news have to say is mostly focused on the next quarter. This kind on investing looks only at the short-term and doesn’t really involve any kind of risk management.

The result is that during market crashes investors allow their emotions to overtake their reason and sell everything at huge losses. They fail because they don’t have the most basic tools.

Short-term focus doesn’t lead to long-term profits.

The most successful investors have depth of vision and they are able not to be influenced by market noise and they don’t care what anyone else thinks. That’s why they get results that others don’t get.

Want to make better investing decisions? Realize that the economy works in cycles, that investors are emotional, seek value in the business, understand technology and always keep a long-term view.

Many people spend their entire life working for money but only a really small portion of them invest some time to learn about how money, finance and investments work.

Be in that portion!

This piece of advice may sound so easy and simple but truly has the potential be a game changer in your life and your finances.

Stay in Touch

Now that you know more about Modern Times Investors, I’d like to keep in touch with you.

As you can see, there is a ton of variables when it comes to investing that deserve more attention that just a quick google search.

By joining the list you will get educational resources to better understand economics and investing, analysis and discussions about trends and megatrends, information about financial bubbles (past and present), different points of view from leading money managers, investors, analysts and authors, reading resources and more.

Ready to get serious about your investments?

You can take advantage of these resources to read, study, analyse and extend your knowledge. Together we can discuss potential scenarios for our future seek ways to be successful investors now and in the long-run.

Getting Started on Modern Times Investors

Start to educating yourself is the very first step towards a successful investing journey.

Here you can find a collection of articles that help to gain a deeper understanding of the economy and start to develop a long-term investing approach.




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